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Standard Chartered Rating GmbH explores the fields of marketing, economics and finance in developing countries for recruitment of investors.  

On the basis of our research we founded and started maintain a register of reputation of the enterprises. 
We assess the business reputation of companies, determine and award the companies with the status «THE ENTERPRISE OF THE YEAR» for the unblemished reputation with certificate-confirmation.  

Today, Standard Chartered Rating maintains a register of company’s reputation in 12 countries worldwide and unites the best companies under unified brand-status “THE ENTERPRISE OF THE YEAR” around the world.

Standard Chartered Rating GmbH owns the licensing rights for this status in each country. It bears witness of its authenticity.

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is chief expert, an international organization founded in 1997 with the goal of uniting leading companies to create a strong and influential professional community that would become a powerful voice of all entrepreneurs who received the title of leaders in their target market, as well as companies, who aim for leadership. In 2012, the organization restructured its membership and made a number of changes to the Association's Charter.


is standards of assessment, founded in the 1960s, to determine the best enterprises and fast-growing industries. The single method of ranking score of the financials of enterprises, i.e. aligning and analyzing some units in a certain order, in accordance with pre-established rules and given criteria. Nowadays, the European Standard Rating is widely used not only in Europe, but throughout the world.

World Business Reputation Foundation

is an independent expert, the non-governmental based on an international alliance. The main goal of the Foundation is inclusive development of business in accordance with the European standards of management, the establishment of international economic links and the achievement, on this basis of a high level of economic stability.

IMA World Wide

is a global American company that provides business education services to executives worldwide. The company carries out the following activities: MBA education, business trips and conferences, certification of the Companies and managers, evaluation of educational courses etc.

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