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Study methods: 

Expert Committee of Standard Chartered Rating GmbH uses various valuation methods of business reputation. 


The most popular and valid methods are qualitative methods of reputation valuation:

  • — survey method (information accumulation from third party source);

  • — expert method which in turn divided into top-rated and recommendatory.


We can use both specific methods and combine them as a whole. For analysis, we choose a group of enterprises representing medium-sized businesses in the country in one type of activity, in one region. 

Business reputation is developing in the process of functioning of the company’s structure and we can determine its presence or absence only by practical work of an enterprise. It emerges at the time of purchase and sale and in accordance with the International Standards characterizes the excess cost of the proposed object over its balance evaluation of its own loan capital.


For the assessment of business reputation we apply the integral index analysis of the enterprise’s indicators for forming the final rating based on them. The enterprises are arranged according to the obtained comprehensive assessment.


The indicators which are taken into account for assessment and their relative importance/ influence on the final result:

Based on the results of carried out analysis each enterprise receives its own rating of Business Reputation which can vary annually. The comprehensive assessment can vary in the range of AAA to C (from Perfect Business Reputation to Irreversibly Damaged Reputation).


Basing on comprehensive assessment, we select companies which have business reputation starting with A and above for the purpose of conferring them the honorary status “The Enterprise of the year”.


Such selection happens not more than twice a year and annual list of these companies can vary depending on the way the company works during the year under review.


We take all responsibilities and make sure that all your changes in Business Reputation Rating will be taken into consideration so that we could refer for them and get the necessary information about the previous years at any moment. For this purpose, we arranged the Register of Business Reputation where only the leading companies are included. This allows the companies not only to see their own history, but also to contact directly with companies of the similar profile in other countries where we  are represented and be sure that they deal with one of the leaders of the branch in their country.

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