Alsorror Elevators company - The Enterprise Of The Year 2017 (Iraq)

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

ALSORROR ELEVATORS AND ESCALATORS are certified providers of elevators and escalators since 1989.

Alsorror elevators company offers integrated solution of elevators, escalators, technical support and contraction with warranty for all component.

Alsorror supplies, installs and maintains escalators, maintain gearless ziehl-abegg machine MRL.

We have our own brand with high quality according to Europe standard.

Our partners are:

*LM (complete German lift)

* Ziehl-Abegg (machine & Inverters made in Germany)

Standard Chartered Rating GmbH


84478, Waldkraiburg,

Bohmerwaldstrasse 11


phone: +49 (891) 434 77 27

WhatsApp: +49 (176) 69854884


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