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«BILOTSERKIVVODA» - The Enterprise Of The Year 2017 (Ukraine)


The main priority of “BILOTSERKIVVODA” is supplying of clean and quality water suitable for consumption in each home.

Introduction of new technologies and renovation of facilities will allow us to achieve this result and keep it at the high level during the enterprise activity; provide quality and timely service to all consumers.

We believe that water is a unique resource among all the most useful resources of the world. Only water has a memory and reacts to the changing environment.

Top priority is our customer. “BILOTSERKIVVODA” follows such principles in communicating with clients and consumers as sincerity, honesty, tolerance and ethics.

Employees of the company are the basis of its reputation.

Dealing with water encourages people to work responsibly demonstrating professionalism, integrity, simplicity, reasonableness, sincerity and empathy (despite the fact that we are only colleagues - helping and supporting each other is our credo).

Especially our company supports all measures that promote the development of the younger generation, have an ecological orientation and are currently important for the community.

The policy of the company is orientated to environmental security, relevance of consumers, avoiding harm to health and occupational diseases.

The management of the enterprise is obliged to execute this policy and to inform the results of the achievement.


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