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«Chemistry and Technology» company has the status of «The Enterprise Of The Year 2017» (Kazakhstan)

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

«Chemistry and Technology» company is intermedium between the world wide largest providers of chemical products, domestic and foreign companies in the oil and gas, machine-building, mining and other industries. We offer reliable suppliers to work with customers!

We emphasize reliability, high level quality products, delivery on time and long-term cooperation. We are proud of our reputation, stability and the fulfillment of treaty obligations. Now more than 1,250 enterprises of Kazakhstan and other countries trust us.

The main advantage of «Chemistry and Technology» company is its friendly stuff team.

«Chemistry and Technology» provides quality certified products. The company has its own storage in Almaty and it helps provide fast delivery service. You will receive your goods immediately after the conclusion of the contract. The delivery service is available all around Kazakhstan and CIS countries.


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