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«Isida» medical centre - «The Enterprise Of The Year 2017» (Russia)

«Isida» medical centre is awarded the status of «The Enterprise Of The Year 2017» according to the results of integrated index analysis of the company's indicators by Standard Chartered Rating GmbH International company.

«Isida» medical centre has been established as a company with implacable business reputation. The status «The Enterprise Of The Year 2017» is an international certificate confirmed by «International Rating Association» (Hong Kong).

Managerial skills, high quality work and economic indexes of the medical centre are important criteria making a positive business reputation.

Confirmation of the status «The Enterprise Of The Year 2017» for «Isida» increases a trust level of its medical and health services.

«Isida» medical centre have a large selection of narrowly focused specialists and an advanced equipment. They follow a modern approach to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. This is your opportunity to receive comprehensive treatment of day patient facility with careful nurses and the effectiveness of such treatment is comparable with inpatient.


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