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JSC «ARSENAL-207» - «The Enterprise Of The Year 2017» (RUSSIA)

ARSENAL-207 JOINT STOCK COMPANY is awarded the status «The Enterprise Of The Year 2017» by Standard Chartered Rating GmbH international company.

This is a great achievement of the company and particularly Sergey Vladimirov - General Director, Chief Designer of JSC «Arsenal-207» ( St.-Petersburg)

The deserved executive of space rocket industry of the Russian Federation.

The corresponding member of the K.E. Tsiolkovsky Russian Space Academy and St.-Petersburg engineering academy.

Awarded with signs of Federal space agency «For the assistance to the space activity», «For the international cooperation in space» and «Koroleva».

By FRC was given the following titles: «The deserved developer of space technology» and «The veteran of Russian cosmonautics».

Awarted with S.P. Korolev’s and I. Kulybin’s orders, with a number of FRC, Russian Academy of Cosmonautics medals and by St.-Petersburg engineering academy.

The winner of the Golden award of Association of assistance to the France industry and the Award of Theodore von Karman and Verner von Brown (USA) for the international cooperation in space programs, the laureate of the «Golden Jaguar» international award for the irreproachable reputation in business and the high quality of production and service.

Awarted with a Commendation of the Government of the Russian Federation for invaluable contribution to development and construction of modern rocket and space technology.

THE MAIN ACTIVITY of the company is development, testing and supervision over electro-hydraulic thrust vector control actuators (TVCA) production and exploitation to control the position engines of missile systems.

This JSC «ARSENAL-207» activity has been initiated by a License of the Roscosmos.

JSC «ARSENAL-207» is the successor of the Arsenal Design Bureau and Production Union «Arsenal» in the part of design, processing and use of electro-hydraulic TVC actuators of liquid propellant rocket engines (LPRE) RD170 and RD120 for «Energy» launcher.


· Development, testing and delivery of TVCA for LPRE RD180 on the order of JSC NPO Energomash named after Academician Glushko for U.S. companies Pratt & Witney and Lockheed Martin for Atlas V launcher;

· Design, manufacture and testing of TVC actuators for LPRE NK 33/43 commissioned by the U.S. company GenCorp Aeroget;

· Development of a new generation of TVC actuators, including electro-hydrostatic TVCA for advanced launch vehicles, as well as stand equipment (hold-down) for testing TVCA;

· Development of spacecraft landing gears;

· Development of equipment for hydraulic pump and hold-down for testing TVCA.

ARSENAL-207 JSC is composed of a test laboratory equipped with hold-down, hydraulic pump equipment, measuring, and control equipment for testing TVCA.

Laboratory was accredited by Roscosmos, and it meets the requirements for technical competence in the Federal system of certification of space technology.

JSC «ARSENAL-207» is a leading enterprise of the Russian space industry in actuator engineering. It possesses with advanced experimental facilities and experienced and qualified engineering personnel.

Quality of JSC «ARSENAL-207» production is in line with international standards and quality management systems, accepted by the certificates. The company has several international and Russian awards, including All-Russian Award «Company of the Year»


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