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LLC «TechProm» - «The Enterprise Of The Year 2017» (Russia)

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

LLC «TechProm» is awarded the status «The Enterprise Of The Year 2017» according to the results of integrated index analysis of the company's indicators by Standard Chartered Rating GmbH International company.

LLC «TechProm» has been established as a company with implacable business reputation.

A Director of the company Plekhov Evgeny is awarded an International certificate «TOP-MANAGER OF THE YEAR – 2017». The high skills of the management have an impact on the company’s perfect business reputation.

LLC «TechProm» is one of the leading enterprises in the Southern Federal District in the field of spare parts production for agricultural machinery of domestic production. They take care of the impeccable quality of the products where each product undergoes an obligatory procedure of technical control. They use the most modern equipment and innovative technologies.

LLC «TechProm» has achieved significant success and stability in the market. The company has the ability to act as a price leader, can dictate the conditions of sale for its products and can make persistently super-normal profits.

Confirmation of the status «The Enterprise Of The Year 2017» increases a trust level of its brand and future prospect for collaboration.


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