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«PickPoint» company – «The Enterprise Of The Year 2017» (Russia)

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

«PickPoint» is the first new generation logistics operator providing an automated online shopping delivery service in Russia.

Now «PickPoint» delivers goods to its customers of more than 5.5 thousand online stores and marketplaces, including Lamoda, MyToys, iHerd, TMall, Asos, Ile de Beaute and other popular multi-and mono-brand online sites.

Originally, the first postmates has been created in Germany. DHL installed the first postamats on the streets in 2000. They did not accept payment, moreover it allowed them to supply cosmetics and perfume without observing the temperature storage conditions owing the milder European climate.

«PickPoint» has redeveloped the business logic for the development of a parcel terminal service according to the needs of Russian online – customers and our specifics.

«PickPoint» postamats provides cash and non-cash payment. There is a service not only of delivering online orders, but also returning the improper goods back to the online store. The «PickPoint» postamat network has more than 2000 postamats installed in the «outside the house» stores, super-and hypermarkets, malls, building complexes, libraries and bank branches for August 2018. There are partners such as X5 Retail Group, Sberbank, Magnit, Victoria, Concern KROSTand others.

«PickPoint» is proud of its team because the company has been awarded the status of «The Enterprise Of The Year 2017» thanks to the dedicated work, high-level quality service and professional employees.


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