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JSC «MYKHAILIVSKYI RAIAGROPOSTACH» - The Enterprise Of The Year 2017 (Ukraine)

Work on the land requires not only knowledge but also talent. Therefore, the staff of JSC «Mykhailivskyi Raiagropostach» consists of talented and highly skilled specialists who love and respect their native land.

JSC «Mykhailivskyi Raiagropostach» is one of the largest companies in the region. It is constantly developing and looking for new directions.

The production volumes for each worker make JSC «Mykhailivskyi Raiagropostach» one of the leaders in Ukraine for many years. The company is constantly increasing production, expanding its scope of activities

and increasing its capacity.

JSC «Mykhailivskyi Raiagropostach» is an integral complex, which includes metal containers for storage of agricultural crops, warehouses, grain drying and grain cleaning complexes, certified laboratory, vegetable and fruit storage, greenhouses, which grow environmentally friendly vegetables and greens, shop.

JSC «Mykhailivskyi Raiagropostach» also provides the full set of works on sowing, cultivation, care, collection, storage and distribution of agricultural products both on the domestic and foreign markets.

JSC «Mykhailivskyi Raiagropostach» is a social responsible company, it provides a great social work to support the citizens of the region.


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