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PJSC "Zaporizhia Iron Ore Plant" is awarded the status of «The Enterprise Of The Year» (Ukraine)

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Zaporizhia Iron Ore Plant became “The Enterprise of the Year” according to the international rating.

PJSC "Zaporizhia Iron Ore Plant" is awarded the status of «The Enterprise Of The Year» according to the results of integrated index analysis of the company's indicators by Standard Chartered Rating GmbH International company.

A status-award “The Enterprise Of The Year” is an international recognition that fixes reputation history of an enterprise. Authoritative European agency “Standard Chartered Rating” (Germany), International association “International Rating Association “ (Hong Kong) and national Assessment company “Summit International Awards” (Ukraine) validate the position obtained by an enterprise.

Business reputation esteem of an enterprise reveals both certain economic indicators and criteria calculations and its working policy consideration. The concept of PJSC "Zaporizhia Iron Ore Plant" is strict agreement compliance with clients and partners, business etiquette maintenance throughout cooperation, the company’s best traditions following, advanced practices adoption. For a good reason the slogan of the combine runs: PJSC "Zaporizhia Iron Ore Plant" — a million reasons to trust”.

Each top of the crown represented in the certificate symbolizes key attributes of the enterprise functioning: the ideology, training, discipline.

— Being rewarded with “The Enterprise Of The Year” status, PJSC "Zaporizhia Iron Ore Plant" well deserves its high rate of general business reputation as well as of particular job of its staff members. This award proves stability and international acceptance of our company, leads to investors and partners engagement. Our team has been striving persistently to success so that now can be proud of its achievements— the board chairman, the general manager of PJSC "Zaporizhia Iron Ore Plant", Michael Korolenko has mentioned.


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