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«The Enterprise Of The Year 2019» award at the BMW-Welt in Munich

Standard Chartered Rating GmbH evaluates enterprises of Europa, Arab Emirates, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Georgia all over the world twice a year.

The companies with an impeccable reputation are awarded with the status of «The Enterprise Of The Year» for their high achievements and leadership among the competitors.

Besides, the Standard Chartered Rating GmbH gives a great opportunity to enter the international market. This is an excellent occasion to visit one of the most significant social event in 2019 - the Awarding of Successful Entrepreneurs. It is held in Germany, in a beautiful city of Munich, at the famous Bavarian BMW-Welt on the 28-th of November.

Standard Chartered Rating GmbH has invited even more heads of leading national companies to be awarded at a big stage accompanied by charming background music.

This day Standard Chartered Rating GmbH has booked an exclusive guided tour through the BMW plant along for our participants. A whole BMW section - the plant, BMW-Welt and the BMW Museum in Munich will be open to you.

The BMW-Welt building is the largest advertising platform of the concern and at the same time an auto show, an amusement park, an exhibition hall with the newest models, projects that will be introduced into production.

You can learn the new BMW cars, classic ones and motorcycles. You could even sit inside some of them. You will also know some innovative BMW technologies, the interesting history of the famous automobile brand and the technical achievements at the famous BMW Museum.

At the end of the grand event all the guests are invited to a gala banquet to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere, to establish new business contacts and just have a good time.

"The Enterprise Of The Year" award by the Standard Chartered Rating GmbH is a big event for business developing. The gala event gives you unforgettable feelings and emotions that will be embedded forever in the history of your business’ achievements and development.


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