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LLP «Ak Bulak – Atyrau» - «The Enterprise Of The Year 2017» (Kazakhstan)

LLP «Ak Bulak – Atyrau» is awarded the status «The Enterprise Of The Year 2017» for implacable reputation by Standard Chartered Rating GmbH International company.

LLP «Ak Bulak – Atyrau» is one of the largest distribution companies in the Atyrau region which has been existed for about 10 years on the market of Western Kazakhstan.

The company has secured a foothold in the market as a successful, reliable and responsible supplier of a wide range of goods as well as with its own transport and logistics complex consisting of storage space, refrigeration modules and a specialized fleet. The company has a professional team of high level management, logistics, accountance and storage.

Today LLP «Ak Bulak – Atyrau» is a leader in the market of Atyrau region and one of the largest distributors of Western Kazakhstan of meat, sausage and dairy products. Also the company produces juice, carbonated drinks, low alcohol, grocery products - confectionery, canned goods (vegetable, meat, etc.), deep-frozen meat products and chilled food.

The company was awarded a status «The leader of the brunch in the Republic of Kazakhstan – 2015» according to the results of the international rating Union of National Business Ratings.

Every year LLP «Ak Bulak – Atyrau» is developing rapidly. The status of «Enterprise of the Year 2017» is international confirmation of the company’s success and leading position in the market.


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