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Updated: Oct 12, 2018

TOV NRAV DIAMOND company was founded in 2007 by Nikitenko Ruslan. At the beginning it was a small company with a stuff team of five persons. Later the number of employees has been increased up to 38 professionals during 11 years. Now the company provides a quality service and has strong leading position in the market.

Highly-skilled and experienced professionals work in the company. We use professional high quality equipment to service our clients.

TOV NRAV DIAMOND provides such services as:

- Diamond concrete cutting;

- Diamond concrete drilling;

- Diamond cable concrete cutting;

- Anchors’ installation using a chemical anchor system.

TOV NRAV DIAMOND is constantly developing, because the leader must always be on the advance. The success of the company is the result of effective and dedicated work not only of the team but especially the company's director and founder of Nikitenko Ruslan who has the list of rewards such as:

«Director Of The Year in Ukraine 2015» by Liga Optimorum analytical company, «Order of the Golden triumphal falcon» by Business Assembly, the honorary title «Motherland Knight» by Business Assembly, «Order of Honor» by Business Assembly etc.

TOV NRAV DIAMOND has been the best company of concrete cutting in Ukraine since 2012. The company has been awarded by different statuses and titles such as: «The choice of Ukraine 2018» by TOV «Choice of Ukraine», Diploma «GOLD EMBLEM OF NATIONAL GOODS AND SERVICES QUALITY» (2016) by Business Assembly, National Certificate «The Leader Of The Year 2017» by National business-rating in Ukraine, International certificate «LEADER OF THE BRANCH» and «LEADER OF THE BRANCH 2015» by LLC «SCINTIFIC INFORMATION CENTER OF STATISTICAL RESEARCH», «The Enterprise Of The Year 2015» and «The Enterprise Of The Year 2016» by Summit International Awards.

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